+What format do you need the art work in?

We prefer a Vector File, EPS, AI or PDF. We can use high resolution Jpeg files as well If you have any quistions regarding artwork then we are happy to guide you along.

+Can I install vinyl cut stickers my self?

For larger stickers on vehicles, boats, signs etc, we do recomend to install them. Smaller ones can be installed by the customer.

+How long do it take before the order is completed?

Depending of the job, we can get work completed the same day. Please ask us.

+What is the smallest order you will do?

We can do down to 1 sticker

+What vinyl are you using for printing?

We spend a long time to outsource the best quality and depending of the job we can offer different grades and prices. Our cheapest option is still high quality.

+How can I pay?

Currently we have the option of bank transfer or cash (on pick up). PayPal is our option for credit cards. +